Pricing & Services

Before we get into prices- let’s talk about differences.

Proofreading: reading your manuscript 1 time and looking at grammar, spelling, flow, punctuation, and only general issues. You should use a proofreader before you hit publish if you are a self publisher. You can also use a proofreader right before you decide to send out to an agent or publishing house. Consider a proofreader another set of eyes.

Content editing: (AKA developmental editing, macro editing, substantial edits): going through your manuscript looking at the ‘big issues.’ Big issues include: plot holes, characterization, point of view, reader issues, continuity, titles, beginnings, middles, ends, some passive vs active and more. You should consider having content edits done if you need more extensive edits, if you are still revising but your eyes feel like they might fall off if you have to reread it by yourself one more time, or if you are self publishing- a content edit can really up the level of your writing by having someone else look for specific errors you might pass over because you are too close to the manuscript.

Line edits:  (sometimes called a copy edit): these types of edits are in packages 2-4 (not included in package 1). Line edits include flow, awkward sentences, word choice, repetition, clarity, point of view errors, transitions, passive vs active, and more.

NOTE: I use the Chicago Manual of Style for reference- if you need me to use something different please specify.

Proofreads take 1-2 weeks for 60k and under. Over 60k takes more time. If you have a deadline to meet- please let me know.
Content edits & line edits take 2-5 weeks depending on the amount of editing needed.

Reading your manuscript 1 time and looking at
grammar, spelling, flow, and only small issues.

10-65k words : $65.00
66-90k words: $90.00
90-120k words: $120.00
120-200k words: $200.00

Editing package 1 
1 round of content edits
focusing mostly on plot, endings/beginnings,
characterization, and consistency.

Minimum 50 pgs
$1.50 per page (payment options available)
with standard page being 250 words per page.

Editing package 2
 2 rounds of line edits
looking for overused words, phrases, passive voice,
filler words, and strengthening sentences.

Minimum 10k words
$.01 per word (payment options available)

Editing package 3
3 rounds of edits.
The first round will be content edit: major stuff, plot, characters, beginning/endings, etc.
The second round will be more of a line edit looking for overused words, phrases, passive voice, filler words, strengthening sentences, etc as well as looking over revisions from content edit.
The third round will be taking a new look at all the new revisions, seeking out redundancies in the story, descriptions, etc…vague word usage, and being sure revisions worked for your story letting you know if more are needed.

$0.02 per word minimum of 10k words
(payment options available)

Editing package 4
4 rounds of edits.

This editing package can be modified to 
meet your manuscript needs 
as long as it stays within the 4 round edits limit.

Commonly used: 2 content overview edits and 2 line edits

$0.03 per word minimum of 10k words
(payment options available)

If you would like to see how I edit or if we are compatible, I am willing to do 1 edit of up to ten pages free. New clients only. Please use the “contact me” form to discuss compatibility.

Genres accepted:

I edit under two separate names so I can take on a wide variety of genres.
Under my Summer Ross name I edit YA but it is not my main genre, and general fiction.
Under my Jayne Wolfe name I edit all types of romance including erotica.

My personal reading preference when I read in my free time is most often romance and sub categories of romance.
I have worked with several authors in several different genres through publishing houses, which I feel gives me a little extra bonus of being able to edit multiple genres.

Non-fiction- proofreading only.


  • I have the right to decline a manuscript: more often this will be due to workload.
  • I only accept Paypal at this time.
  • Payment is required when the project starts. (payment options available)
  • After I have started a project you will not be able to get a full refund. A partial refund will be available to you as well as any notes/edits I completed before you requested a refund.

If I have completed 1 entire round of edits- no refund will be available.